Revelmy represents our commitment to craft.
Our belief in what’s best in each of us.
Our respect for nature.
Our dedication to beauty.


This is us from the beginning. Designing inspiring jewelry with meaning and character, that becomes an indispensable amulet.

We live for the quest

Finding a piece of jewelry that perfectly matches the mood, the moment, or the memory is a magical thing. Because finding the right piece of jewelry is like finding a piece of yourself.

Welcome to Revelmy.

Our jewellery

We’ve been doing this since 2014, creating jewelery that is in between fashion and fine, what has now become demi-fine category. Our main line is made of sterling silver, gold vermeil and gold plated pieces, matching with semi-precious gemstones like moonstones, turquoises, amethists, quartz or opals.

Our commitment

Our approach to sustainability means we hold ourselves accountable for the people we work alongside, the planet we contribute to as well as the products we create. We see it as our duty, both as a business and a community that cares, to play our part in the chain.Manufacturing with responsibly is extremely important to us as we continue to become the most responsible version of ourselves everyday. 

For each shipment we currently save 1.79 kg CO₂e, which is the equivalent of charging a smartphone 22 times.